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I came to SL in winter of 2009. Two days ago was a year and five months for me. This is my third av. I came to SL because my RL is not what I want it to be. I am mentally and physically disabled. I recently went to my local mall without my wheelchair - it was absolutely amazing, and I can't wait to do something else.

When I was 17, I was in a horribly devastating car accident that severely injured me and sadly killed my best friend. Two racers ran a red light and plowed into my friend's car, and sent us flying into an electrical pole. I can't even describe it more than that.

I lost most of my memory after that accident. I was fluent in many languages due to my parents wish for me to travel the world and aid the countries. I struggle with basic English now. I had to relearn several motor skills after I awoke from a coma, and I was in physical therapy for a year and a half. I was able to finish my senior year, but not without having to deal with the stares of people. Maybe people staring at you isn't a big deal. But when all you want to do is crawl in a hole and just stay there forever, it's quite bothersome.

Now I am 22 years old. I have a non-cancerous tumor in my brain and it affects my ability to process concepts easily. My motor skills come and go sometimes, and just the other day I had to tell my niece I couldn't tie her dress because I forgot how to. My speech is slurred and I rarely ever talk anymore because of it.

While all this may seem incredibly morbid and saddening, I am quite fine. Why? Because I have SL to turn to. If it weren't for SL, I probably would have killed myself out of BOREDOM long ago. So thank you to SL, lag and all.

Keira Seerose of Chic Management organized the Black and Blue Fair. It's purpose was to raise awareness about mental disabilities, such as depression. If you haven't visited the fair, I highly suggest you do. Along the walls are various facts about mental disabilities and they are just informative enough to give you a general idea. Not to mention the fashion there is amazing.

Now Keira is organizing another fair, the Summer of Love Fair. It's scheduled opening date is July 18th, just two weeks after the close of the Black and Blue Fair. The Summer of Love Fair will be all about mental health awareness as well. You don't know how grateful I am to Keira for these fairs. They simply make me feel much happier to be in this state.

I advise you to join the Chic Management group in-world so you can stay on top of the fairs Keira organizes. I know I will be.

Here is the current list of stores that have signed up for the Summer of Love Fair: [6-17-10]

+ III (Keira Seerose)
+ :. WoE .: (Dick Wiesel)
+ Alexohol (AlexandraM Guisse)
+ Posh (Jeanie Valois)
+ Vivaposes (Jas Core)
+ {Little Pricks} (Syn Beresford)
+ Heart & Sole (Bijoux Lefavre)
+ Wicked Gear (Khurt Vhargon)
+ v3 Tattoos (Khurt Vhargon)
+ **DD Style** (Dadina Dosei)
+ Honey and Vinegar (Elikapeka Yokosuka and melena Runner)
+ Hearse Ltd. (Keith Naumova)
+ *tw. (Missy Mumblewood)
+ skream! (Jacqueline Cliassi)
+ LiNe (zippir Kayo)
+ Fab.Pony (Tatianna Faulkes)
+ KIM Bodysuits (Kimberly Flagon)
+ CaLLie Cline (Callie Cline)
+ Cobrahive (Chikane Kaligawa)
+ [Acide!] (Acide Innovia)
+ DeeTaleZ (Steffi Villota)
+ /me Poses (Claire Dallin)
+ Deviant Designs (Rosie Lavochkin)
+ Berries Inc. (summse Sands)
+ :: Awesome Blossom :: (Clementine Ishtari)
+ *Bliss Couture* (Amutey DeCuir)
+ sf Designs (swaffette Firefly)
+ Black&Blue Outfitters (Fiori Ametza & Jacinda Jaxxon)
+ SWEET LEONARD (Lady Leonard & Magdalena Bergamasco)
+ Long Awkward Pose (Dove Swanson)
+ Cynful (Cynthia Ultsch)
+ FurseTri (Seville Furse)
+ ***Just You*** (Clyde Avon)
+ MonS (ekilem Xenno)
+ Dahlinks Jewelry (Alexandra Nichols)
+ Candydoll (rebeca Dembo)
+ Mynerva (Rhapzody Wilde & Zarothan Wylder)
+ HELLO DAVE (Maia Gasparini)
+ :Fusion: (adria Joubert)
+ A-BOMB (Lavea Alter & Addison Mortlock)
+ : FALLEN Style : (Teagan Khalim & Rylie Classito)
+ BeScene Poses (Dimitri Shinn)
+ !tarnished (December Larkham)
+ [slutcookie] (Ashley Seminario)
+ Caroline’s Jewelry (Caroline Apollo)
+ !imabee (Brendon Papp)
+ *Just Me* (Typha Bailey)
+ SIGMA Jewels (Sofi Trenkins)
+ Goth1c0 (Keishii Roo)
+ Sassy Kitty Designs (Kinu Mayako)
+ {what next} (Winter Thorn)
+ << Mannequin Poses >> (Taylorr Dawes)
+ Filthy Gorgeous (Adaarye Shikami & Toni Friller)
+ Flavor! Designs (Traken Damone)
+ Indie Rose (Angelina Eizenberg)
+ Broken Doll (Marja Languish)
+ **TKO** (Kirsty Oherlihy)
+ Baubles Boho Jewelry (Chic Aeon)
+ [Muted] Fashion (Sella Serevi)
+ thick. (Hannelore Difference)
+ :KC: Hair (Niennra Kitsune)
+ Casa Del Shai (Shai Delacroix)
+ mY pINKIE sKULL (Tatyana Ultsch)
+ Botanical (Kriss Lehmann)
+ Twisted and Spoiled (Phia Vaughan)
+ TonkTastic (Tonk Tomcat)
+ (Khai Sinister)
+ iPoke Piercings (Steele Branner)
+ Baffle! (Samantha Smadga)
+ Bomb! (onur Erin)
+ Shush (Avy Fhang)
+ Vita’s Boudoir (Vitabela Dubrovna & Precious Restless)
+ Cleo Designs (Cleom Bailey)
+ SHAG (Shyayn Lusch)
+ Izzies (Izzie Button)
+ Tyranny Designs (Tyr Rozenblum)
+ aDIVA Couture (AnneJoy Paine)
+ Fhang Candy (Michi Fhang)
+ King for Men (Kerem Lunt)
+ Morantique Lush (Mo Miasma)
+ Exodi (Ryker Beck)
+ Elate! (Kellie Iwish)
+ KHUSH (Liess Paine)
+ House of Ruin (Ruina Kessel)
+ Donna Flora (Squinternet Larnia)
+ TASTY (Veronica Kanya & Bown Ellsmere)
+ COOL BEANS (Anyalia Pearl)
+ GARAGE (Slava Parkin)
+ Acid & Mala Creations (Acide Ferraris & Mala Oh)
+ HOC Industries (Guu Nishi)
+ Pulling Strings (Elle Kirshner)
+ Panda Express (Kioko Kumaki)
+ Mustache (Mandi Hotaling & Mae Limano)
+ CnS e-motion (Gracie Kangjon & Cynthia Ultsch)
+ Holli Pocket (Holli Thespian)
+ MADesigns / KMADD (Maddox DuPont)
+ BAIASTICE (Sissy Pessoa)
+ nina. (Halina Baxton)
+ TIK TOK (Miah McAuley)
+ MFP Princess (Teesh Destiny)
+ TICKETme. (Dottie Dosei)
+ Frippery (Elizabeth Tinsley)
+ Gems & Kisses (Deliziosa Vendetta)
+ N’Soul (Nicol Soulstar)
+ *BOOM* Clothing (Aranel Ah)
+ Xplosion (Kaliha Noel)
+ Ginevra Lancaster Fashion Designs (Ginevra Lancaster)
+ Accessories by Eolande (Eolande Elvehjem)
+ [aRAWRa] (Aurora Deischer)
+ .:Relentless Couture:. (Voltaire Serpente)
+ Humby Designs (Sammy Humby)
+ [si:n] (eisbluemel String)
+ *LP* Design (Liberty Shinn)
+ Orange Creations (nut Barak)
+ +Mariposa+ (Felicity Winslet)
+ HYPER CULTURE & HYPER MALE (Christensia Parkin)
+ A&A Fashion (AGNIESZKA Allstar & Anastazja Brimm)
+ Medley (Arriah Fiertze)
+ Polaris (Bay Mistwood)
+ Plastic Flowers (Crystalin Clayton)
+ Passionate Neko (JustinKeith Baxton)
+ Fairy Tail (xxxriexxx Serevi)
+ Indrya Originals (Indrya Seigo)
+ Scribble (Radio Signals)
+ Look@Me Poses (klita Slade)

Is your favourite designer there?
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Isn't this something Madonna would totally wear? I mean, the hair, the frisky outfit... Maybe not so much the leggings, but do you think this gives me a Madonna-esque look?

Ayumi Cassini of Magic Nook supplied me with a plethora of leggings this morning, and I thought to myself, "Wow, these white leggings would look great with the teal beads and my Pig outfit!"

So, that's what I did! I think it paired up really well, and I swear I look like Madonna...

Style Card:

:Skin - LAQ ~ Julie - 04 [Fair]
:Hair - Posh Naive - Dirty Blonde
:Eyes - Amacci Real Eyes ~ Sapphire

:Finger Nails - Candy Nail #P000 Basic Prim Nails Monotone
:Necklace - [PF] Bottle Charm Necklace (Yw Heart/Yw Bow)
:Necklace - Cobrahive Rock Star Necklace
Piercing -
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Hey guys. Mochi Milena of Pink Fuel released another fabulous skin recently, called "Ember". This skin comes in 11 gorgeous makeups, and offers cleavage layers in undershirt, shirt, and jacket.

My favourite part about this skin is not the makeup, or the available cleavage, oddly. This time around it's the belly button. I feel it adds a slimming look that was not achieved before. This skin is wonderful, I say.

The lingerie is from 5th and Oxford, and the hair from
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Hey everyone! How's your night going? Mine's fantastic, guess who's now a model for Rockin' Bodies?! THAT'S RIGHT, MEEEEE!

So yeah, I'm like, ecstatic, and it's given me enough motivation to do a blog post! And this one is sizzlin' sexy!

WOW, right? I am just blown away by the LACK OF clothes... It's actually a really nice look! If you pair some rQ hair with this awesome >>ROOTS<< bodysuit, and some jewelry from [ skream! ], you get a pretty sexy, kickass look.

Here's the style card:

:Skin - [PF] Ember - Scene
:Hair - [rQ] Easy~Onyx/Ash
:Eyes - Amacci Real Eyes ~ Sapphire

:Finger Nails - Candy Nail #P000 Basic Prim Nails Monotone

:Bodysuit - >>ROOTS<< - 00L10013


I've made some store displays for myself and thought I'd sell them to people like you! There are 8 displays and it's 26 prims total, but with copy permissions. It's only L$200! :D
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Hey all! I have some pretty big, awesome news! Hopefully you'll love it just as much as I do!

What do you see? Some Grasp footwear, some Truth hair, LAQ skin, and some glasses from Gos.

What else do you see? Oh yeah, what are those shirts? And those jeans? Is that a tattoo of a gun?

Tell us Parrsly, where did you find such things?

You can find the shirts and jeans at the yoghurt listings on Xstreet. The "Bitch" shirt and the gun tattoo are currently not available.

So what's yoghurt?

Does that explain it?

yoghurt is my new hobby shop... It will sell shirts, jeans, tattoos, skyboxes, shapes, and anything else I feel comfortable selling! My mainstore is completely empty right now, but keep following this blog to find out when it's open!

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So recently, Rhapzody Wilde of Mynerva released a number of makeups for her Aona skin. I had previously blogged about the toothy skin, but TinyPic was was mean and deleted my photos. Oh well, lesson learned. :x

I love how seductive this turned out to be.

The lingerie is from 5th and Oxford, and worked amazingly well with this skin set. I myself am impressed.

The hair is a new release from called Brande.2 in Happy Blonde.

From left to right:

:Aona Bare Teeth Freckles
:Aona Buttercup Teeth Freckles
:Aona Smokey Teeth Freckles
:Aona Pink Fusion Teeth Freckles
:Aona Blueberry Teeth Freckles
:Aona Daisy Crush Teeth Freckles
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Yes, I know, I'm way behind, you don't have to remind me. I have an RL too you know.


A while back, Pink Outfitters had a very large sale. I was sifting my inventory when I saw this dress. It's very traditional, yet modern. Paired with some gorgeous LAQ skins, and some Heart & Sole heels, I look more like a model than a casual cafe goer. Oh well! No arguments! had a massive summer sale that ended just a short time ago. I picked up so many hairs, it's not even funny. I even accidentally bought a fatpack - good thing it was heavily discounted!

I also took a spontaneous trip down to Pink Fuel and found it very pleasing. You may be wondering what the thing is on my shoulder... And what's on my neck?

Pink Fuel has a Gacha machine that dispenses little bottle necklaces for only L$10. I really wanted the rare one... Too bad I didn't get it. Anyway, I did manage to snag a couple of these necklaces, and I think they are adorable. I will be wearing them for a long time.

Also, Pink Fuel has a Lucky Chair, and, woop! P was the magic letter! I got that ADORABLE Angelic Panda, as well as a Demonic Panda. Very productive trip!

Style Card:

:Skin - LAQ ~ Julie - 04 [Fair]
:Hair - fri. Kate - Cynical Black
:Eyes - Amacci Real Eyes ~ Sapphire

:Finger Nails - Candy Nail #P000 Basic Prim Nails Monotone
:Necklace - [PF] Bottle Charm Necklace (Yw Heart/Yw Bow)
:Shoulder Junk - [PF] Angel Panda

:Dress - [Pink] - Silk Fluff Organza Dress - Black
:Shoes - *H&S* Vixen Dark
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You can expect an influx of posts from me tonight and tomorrow... I've already gotten behind on my posting! Had a spot of RL to sort through, but now I can fully focus on SL and blogging!

My first bit of news... The Black and Blue Fair is open! Thaaaat's right, the LM has been released and the B&B Fair opened today at 4PM SLT. I highly recommend checking it out... There's some great stuff to be bought up. All items are ONLY available at the fair. Some items will not be sold after the fair - such as a limited CStar skin! Go and buy now while you can! The fair will run until July 4th.

This amazingly gorgeous outfit was dropped on me by Angelina Eizenberg, the owner of Indie Rose. It was made for the B&B fair, and it's such a cute mini dress... I paired it up with some cute hair from Posh, whom I've heard is *also* at the B&B fair! This hairstyle is called, Envious.

Today is also Thirsty Thursday! I NORMALLY don't follow the weekday sales (Fifty Linden Friday, Sixty Linden Saturday, 69 Linden Wednesday...), but today, a store I am on the subscribo for released the list of Thirsty Thursday participants. Now, being lazy, I only clicked the photos to see if they interested me... And this skin did! It's from Relentless Couture for only L$99!

So here's the rundown for this post.

:Skin - .:Relentess Couture:. Glitter Glam - Tone 3
:Hair - (Posh) Donna (Blonde: Swedish)
:Eyes - <<< np >>> Lunar EYES - Water

:Finger Nails - Candy Nail #P000 Basic Prim Nails Monotone

:Dress - *INDIE ROSE* at the B&B Fair - BBF Mini Dress And Jacket - Black
:Shoes - :)(: Ultimate Boots - Black
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Hey all! The Black And Blue Fair was opened to bloggers yesterday, and I TP'd as soon as I got the LM. The place is full of clothes, accessories, hairs, poses, and even a few skyboxes, all from your favourite designers! I picked up quite a few nifty things there.

Since I'm not allowed to attach a SLUrl since the fair isn't open to the public yet, I decided that I won't even tell you who the item is from, or where it is! Just note that EVERYTHING I am wearing can be found at the fair - except my Belleza skin in the first three images.

HAVE FUN! Oh and also - join the Black and Blue Fair 2010 group for the latest information, and get the LM to the fair as soon as it opens!
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I'm finally done coordinating outfits with the {SMS} sale clothes I bought! Here is the final one!

:Skin - Mynerva Aona Tone 0 Bare Teeth Freckles
:Hair - Magika Donna (Blonde: Swedish)
:Eyes - Amacci Real Eyes ~ Sapphire

:Necklace - {SMS} Treble Clef Necklace Silver

:Jacket - {SMS} Glitter Baggy Top - Black
:Shirt - {SMS} Undertop (Included with Glitter top)
:Bottoms - [SC] Belmar Skinny Jeans - Original
:Shoes - +grasp+ Open-Toe Studded Boots - Black
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:Skin - Mynerva Belita Nude
:Hair - Exile Scene/ - Greystone
:Eyes - Amacci Real Eyes ~ Sapphire

:Shape - Mynerva Channis
:Eyelashes - Mynerva Channis Fitted Eyelashes

:Dress - {SMS} Winter Sweater Olive
:Shoes - *COCO* Flat Ankle Boots - Black


Rhapzody Wilde at Mynerva was kind enough to drop several skins and ears on me!

From left to right: Bare Freckles | Bare | Bare Teeth | Bare Teeth Freckles | Daisy Crush | Daisy Crush Freckles

From left to right: Belita Nude | Belita Nude Blush | Belita Eyeliner | Belita Eyeliner Blush

From left to right: Aona Elf Frontflop | Aona Elf Straight | Aona Elf Backflop
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Because of the sale at So Many Styles, I was able to buy up a LOT of nice pieces. This is my second outfit featuring sale items, and there will be one or two more.

:Skin - &Bean Hounds Of Love - Tan LAMM
:Hair - fri. Anna - Timid Brown
:Eyes - Amacci Real Eyes ~ Sapphire

:Veil - (5th&Oxford) Little Miss Veil *BLACK*
:Necklace - {SMS} Treble Clef Necklace Silver

:Jacket - {SMS} Open Cardigan - Blue
:Shirt - {SMS} Summer Tank - Yellow
:Bottoms - {SMS} Skinny Jeans - Black
:Shoes - ::Duh!:: Espadrille - Lime Green
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Summer is fast approaching for me, as well as most of SL. When I started this new av, I made a wishlist of things I wanted to buy in the future. A good lot of those items came from So Many Styles and, guess who's having a 50% off sale?!

:Skin - -Belleza- Alyson MED 5 (cleavage)
:Hair - Magika Matilda (Blonde: Swedish)
:Eyes - <<< np >>> Lunar EYES - Water

:Glasses - [Gos] Eyewear - Cateye
:Necklace - {SMS} Chain Necklace Silver

:Dress - {SMS} Layered Dress Beige
:Shoes - [Armidi Gisaci] Sasche Flats [Black]
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2REAL creator, 2REAL Okelli dropped a pair of his new PURE sneakers today, and as soon as I tried them on, I knew I would love them. I was initially odded out when I noticed no footbase in the box, but fearnot, you don't even need one! Nearly every part of the shoe is customizable via the available textures in the included HUD. You can even have mismatched shoes.

I have included a link in the sidebar to 2REAL's Xstreet listings, where you can purchase the PURE shoes for L$600.
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Gospel Voom is one of the most talented creators I have seen in SL. He flawlessly produces gorgeous footwear, eyewear, and watches for men and women. My favourite are his prim feet. His newest boots, Burlesque, are some of the most detailed knee boots I've seen in SL. They feature a full lace-up front and a knot at the top. I never have any glitches with them.

My other favourite from [Gos] are his Dare Booties. He has them in a few colours, but I've chosen to show the "mono" ones. Nearly everything is customizable on these shoes. You can change the skin tone to match your skin, change the toenail colour, and more. These are by far the best prim feet in SL.

Th!nk P!nk

May. 25th, 2010 06:03 am
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Ahh, my first official blog post! And ironically, it's all about a colour I nearly despise! But I'll get over it.

Let's move from top to bottom.

>TRUTH< have released FOUR new hairs this week. Three for females, and one for male, though I have seen the male style worn on a female. Here I am sporting the Sylvia style. The hair comes with two different "styles"; a plain one, and a streaked on. There are 14 colour choices that come with the streaked hair and require you to click the hair, as if you were changing a bow colour.

[Gos] have new eyewear out; a dashing pair of cateye glasses! These do not fit the normal "cateye" look you're probably thinking of. The glasses are more round, but nonetheless amazing. You have limitless customization options, including colour-change lenses!

And finally, Exodi released it's second version of the popular "Lily" skin to all group and subscribo members. It comes in four tones, and all the makeup options are the same. This skin has real natural beauty that I love. The group join fee is L$250, however, to get the skin without having to pay, just join the subscribo, and look in the history. It was released May 23rd.

Well that's it for this post! Check back again soon for more!

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Welcome to my blog! My name is Parrsly Ocelot and I am the sole blogger! Everything here is about fashion! I like to blog new things that are in the stores, as well as "looks of the day"!

I am not a designer, though I wish I was, so none of these designs are from me. Maybe I'll build a house one day. :]

Please come back soon for my first "official" post!

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